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Custom HandDyed Rovings


We now offer our beautiful colorways in several types of rovings. I don't routinely stock every variety of roving but they can all be ordered for a custom order. Email me to let me know which fibers you're interested in and how many ounces you need and I will order it in and dye it in your choice of colorway(s).


The superwash rovings are perfect for making sock yarns or yarns for anything that you want to be able to wash without the worry of felting.


 You can needle felt or wet felt with any of the rovings that are NOT superwash. Hand wash your finished garment in cool water, reshape and lay flat to dry.


Each colorway is hand dyed to create a unique work of art that cannot be duplicated exactly so each roving will vary, even in the same dye lot. We are creating new colorways constantly so we will add new colorways at the end of this page as they are created and alphabetize later. Please email with any questions or special requests. You may also send a photo or request special colorways custom made just for you - email us for more information.


Prices are subject to change without notice. Please email us to confirm current and correct pricing.


100% Merino = $3.50 per ounce

100% BFL = $3.65 per ounce

100% Wensleydale = $3.65 per ounce

100% Falkland = $3.65 per ounce


100% Tussah Silk = $7.50 per ounce


80/20 Merino/Tussah Silk = $5.20 per ounce

60/40 Merino/Bamboo = $4.90 per ounce

50/50 Merino/Tencel = $5.05 per ounce


100% Superwash BFL Wool = $3.95 per ounce

100% Merino Lambs wool Superwash = $4.00 per ounce


  50% Superwash Merino/50% Tencel = $5.20 per ounce


The following mohair and mohair blend rovings have been discontinued. I have a limited amount in stock. When I run out of them they're gone for good.

100% Mohair = $4.00 per ounce

  70% Merino/30% Kid Mohair = $5.00 per ounce


Please email us with the colorway you'd like to order, the type of roving and the number of ounces you'd like to order. We will inform you as to whether or not we have the fiber in stock, how long it will take to get it if we do not have it in stock and how long your custom will take once we get it on our dye schedule.


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                    Alpenglow                                          Aspen Meadow                                       Autumn Harvest









Berries & Cream                                          Blaze                                           Blue Lagoon

             Bountiful Harvest                                Caribbean Cool                                                 Carnations



         Colorado Columbine (dark)                 Colorado Columbine (light)                      Colorado Sunset








Colorado Skies                                                 Crocus                                               Desert Sands



               Enchanted Forest                                           Fall Leaves                                                Fiesta













                       Harvest                                             Herbs & Spices                                         Maple Leaf













                   Morning Glories                                   Mountain Twilight                                         Nutmeg



                      Oahu Sunset                                         Ocean Deep                                         Pansies













                    Peach Cobbler                                        Ragtime Blues                                    Rambling Rose
















                       Red Hat                                      Rocky Mountain Majesty                          Rocky Mountains



                         Sedona                                              Spring Fling                                                Stormy Seas













                    Stormy Skies                                                Sunset                                             Tangerine Tango













           Tantalizing Turquoise                                    Tartan Plaid                                          Tranquil Waters













                    Tropical Fruit                                                Twilight                                             Twilight on Silk













                       Very Berry                                               Very Cherry                                       Winter Rose


Our newest colorways, also in alphabetical order:


                  Aspen & Pine                                               Autumn Splendor                                       Berries - Mixed



                  Chocolate Cherries                                      Fallen Leaves                                                Fiery Skies



                            Flame                                                   Harvest (revised)                                  Hawaiian Sunset




           Japanese Maple (on wool)                   Japanese Maple (on mohair)                    Love & Peace Roses



             Northern Lights                                       Nutmeg & Paprika                                        Pansies (variation)



                     Peacock                                               Purple Dawn                                                Rose Garden



                 Sable & Mink                                           Vermont


Updated Colorways (April 17, 2007)



                    Bay Breezes                                Bronzed Burgundy                                                        Dusk



                    Tropical Sunrise


Updated Colorways - Added September 14, 2007



                       Brights                                      Electric Sunrise                                     Fruit Salad



         Aspens @ Summer's End                                    Marigolds                                         Sunflowers



                                          Oak Leaves



                          Precious Jewels                                         Roses & Lilacs                                    Crushed Grapes



                    Faded Jeans                                  Rhapsody in Blue                                       Alpenglow II



New colorways will be added to this page on a regular basis.  Keep checking back to see what new colorways we have created!


Colorways  may be retired without notice.


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Please keep in mind that monitors vary so colors may appear different on your monitor. Photos were taken in different lighting situations so color variations are apparent in these photos. Please use them as a general guide for color.


We welcome special orders - just ask!